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Vintage Pierre Paris Leather Work Boots - Size 9.5 (Used)

Vintage Pierre Paris Leather Work Boots - Size 9.5 (Used)

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Work boots designed by Pierre Paris were renowned in the logging, mining and other resource industries.  

These lineman/logging boots were famously made in the Vancouver area by French immigrant Jean-Pierre Paris, who arrived in Canada from the southern Basque region of France.

Paris chose to build his business in footwear retail and podiatry services sector. Pierre Paris Shoes was a core business which bolstered the city of Vancouver. When the Paris store closed during the 1970s, their design was bought by Dayton Boots, which still manufactures shoes based on the original design under the original name.

These used boots are in superb condition and are made to last a lifetime. They come cleaned up with fresh polish and brand new laces. Tons of life left for someone who takes care of them.

They are tough as nails and made for work. These tall boots will keep your ankles protected and feet dry. Stylish, rugged boots for someone who needs to get to work without breaking the bank.

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